• 13.12.2017, 20:09

♡Music Video♡

This assignment was a music video. I was very excited, because I think it's really fun, and you have a lot of creative freedom when making a music video since you can do whatever you want. I decided to work alone because we were in groups last time, and I figured we will mostly be in groups during film assignments. I would like to work alone this time so I can do whatever I want. I also think it's a lot better to edit alone and not in a group. My friend Miranda and I helped each other with our videos, and used each other as cast too. It's easy to work with her, because we have done it so many times before and understand what the other person wants. 

I was filming the whole weekend, and got mostly all the clips I needed. I wished I had a bit more coverage, but it worked out fine. I used some clips from previous projects I have done, that fitted with my video. I decided to make a story about a girl that has a boyfriend, but her boyfriend is seeing another girl at the same time. 

Some of the clips are filmed from the "guys piont of view" Like we are seeing the girls through his camera lens. Most of these clips are in VHS effect. I decided to do it like this because then I wouldn't need the guy to be in all the shots with the girls. This way he is present without being showed. I think it worked out fine, but if I had more time I would have liked to have more clips of the guy. 

I decided to film Miranda singing with different coloured lights. This makes a cool effect and also the colours can symbolize different feelings. Blue for sadness, trust and power. Green for jealousy and red for love, passion, anger and danger. I think the video fits well with the song because the girl is singing about a guy that isn't trustworthy, a liar and that she wants him out of her life. I used a lot of overlays when I edited like glitches and light leaks. I also changed up the opacity, to create different looks for when Miranda was singing. 

During this assignment I learned that it's always good to make a good filming plan, especially in films where you need a lot of different clips, different locations, outfit change and details. It can be easy to forget to film small but vital parts of your story, so a schedule and plan really helped me while filming. I also learned that it's smart to set aside enough time, so you get everything you need. Filming can take a long time, especially when you have a lot of different locations to film at. So therefore next time I'll set aside an extra day so that while I edit I still have time to film more if I find out that I need it after editing. One of the challenges I faced was the weather. On Sunday it was raining so I wasn't able to film outside, but luckily I had been filming the whole Saturday when it was sunny outside so I was lucky, but that's something I will definitely make sure of next time. 

The biggest challenge I faced was while editing. I thought the music video was supposed to be 3-5 minutes, but it was actually 4-6 and I had chosen a short song. I had to come up with something to make the video long enough, and I didn't want it to be only credits at the end and beginning. I decided to have a audio track of someone talking before the song and then have different clips and effects to match that. I think it turned out good and added to the music video, but I would rather have chosen a longer song if I found out earlier.

I really enjoyed this assignment and had a lot of fun filming and editing it. I love editing these types of films where you can just have fun with it and don't have to follow a lot of different rules. 


  • 13.12.2017, 20:09

Filming my music video

On saturday was the first day of filming. I had a lot of different locations to go to and many shots to get. We woke up early and went around central to different places like hyde park, picadilly circus, london eye, old bond street and leicester square to film most of my VHSclips outside that was shot by "the guy". I also went to different locations to try and find places I could film that would fit my story for the parts that was without the "guy filming".

After that we went home to film outside, on the balcony , inside and also some clips on the bed. 

I used backlighting inside behind the subject on the bed (a strong lamp) and outside (the sun) filmed from underneath to get the sun shining in the camera.

On Sunday I continued to film, and this day I filmed Miranda singing inside using coloured light, and also filmed some story details.




  • 22.11.2017, 18:34

Peer assessment

Students are asked to evaluate their peers in writing outlining the strengths, weaknesses and application of team members:

I'll start with Antonio. In our first meeting as a group he seemed very involved and willing to do what was expected of him to reach a good result. He took on the responsibility of contacting the experts we needed for the film. He expressed an interest in the project and I thought he would be a great asset to our group. After this day he has been completely lacking from the whole project. He never replied in our group chat and when we tried calling him he wouldn't answer. He didn't contact the experts so we had to find new ones. I was also informed that instead of contributing to his own group, he helped another group in their project instead. This was very disappointing to hear. I genuinely think he would have been great as a part of our team, and could have helped us with making this project better if he had been dedicated and shown up. I wish he had done something so I could write more positive things, cause I think he would have contributed a lot to the film if he was there with us. I have to give him a 6, because he was barely or not at all present and not involved in this project.  

Next is Pam. Throughout the whole project she has been there every day. She has been dedicated and dependable. At the end she got a bit tired as we all did and didn't want to do re-shots. I don't think that's anything that will weigh down, since we were already happy enough with what we had and we all kind of agreed in the end. Pam is good at listening to what others have to say and take other ideas into consideration. She is a great team member and met every expectation. She was the one who came up with the idea for our film, and got the job of doing the research which I think she did very well and right away to make sure we kept our schedule. She is good at solving problems that came along the way. The only weakness I can come up with is a little lack of communication when it comes to talking to the whole group and get everyone involved in the schedule. I will give her a 2 since I think she did a very good job with the whole project.

Lastly we have Helena. She is also like Pam, highly dependable and showed up everyday. She was very motivated and often wanted to do better and more to get the best result possible. She is a good leader, but can sometimes have a bit of a hard time listening to what everyone has to say and different inputs. She is a problem solver and has had a positive attitude throughout the whole process. I think she suits the role of a leader well, and will be a natural leader in any group situation. A weakness is lack of communication like Pam. This is simply because they didn't inform the rest of the group about when we were filming but not anything else. I think our film could have been a lot better in many ways, and I think if we were all there during filming it would have turned out better. We also didn't discuss where we wanted to film, so my vision was a little bit different, and I think we would all have gotten more from it if we had worked together instead of doing things alone. All in all I would say Helena did a great job, and was the most driven and optimistic in our group. She also gets a 2. 

I am very happy with being in a group with Helena and Pam, I think we worked very well together towards the end, and they were both very involved and fulfilled the roles really well. 


  • 22.11.2017, 14:57

Last day

Today is the last day of the project. We were all very tired today and eager to get things done and be finished. We've done minor changes to our reportage and now we only have voice over and colour correcting left. 

Tristan went through it with us and gave us some direction in what to correct or change. We've done that now and we're pretty much done with the film.

The whole project has been interesting. Some aspects has been challenging, like working in the group, making communication work. Also editing in a group is something I don't have experience with, and I found it a bit difficult. Over time we learned how to work with eachother better. In the beginning there was some mix ups and miscommunication, but overall I think we worked good together as a team. 

It's also challenging when everyone has different opinions on how they want it to look, or how to edit and film. But working in a group is also important to learn about teamwork and how to rely on one another to make things work and get finished. I think this project has been a good experience and also made me learn more about reportage and how it's supposed to look. 


  • 22.11.2017, 12:17


Today we have spent the whole day editing. We felt like we could have had some more content to use, but overall we're happy with how it's turning out. We're still not finished yet. It's also quite hard to be three people editing on one mac. It goes a bit slower, but then at least we're all doing it together. Now we only have the voiceovers, and minor details left to do and then we're almost done. 

We could have gone out and filmed another vox pop, but we decided that we have two girls in the film that are young and in the target audience, one mom talking about her child, a professor and a young adult, and we're pretty happy with those people. 

  • 20.11.2017, 19:34



I arrived at school. Today we were meeting early to do some editing. Me, Helena and Pam decided to go to the editing suite next to the equiptment room. It was quiet there this morning, only us 3. We imported all the files and started editing on two different macs. It went well and we all had a pretty similar vision of how we wanted it to look. 


We took a lunchbreak after we were happy with how much we had gotten done this far. After we were finished with the first part of the video, Helena and Pam went and I continued to edit some of the vox pop. I was supposed to move to the other mac where the first part of the film was, but when I was looking through it I saw that the audio was all messed up. Some of the files must have not been imported, cause when we took out the memorycard the audio in premiere went missing and was all wrong. I messaged the others about it and we were all pretty upset cause it takes a while to match the image with the audio.


I've been sitting in the editing suite for a while now trying to edit and also updating the blog. We are going to continue editing tomorrow, and hopefully we'll get it all done. I find it harder to edit these types of videos (reportage) because you're a bit limited in creative freedom. Anyway, I hope it all comes together tomorrow, and that we can fix the audio as well. 



  • 20.11.2017, 18:20

Thursday + Friday

On tuesday we made a plan in the group chat to meet on thursday 11pm. There was some sort of miscommunication, cause no one actually wrote what we were supposed to do. I thought we were meant to meet up, prepare a filming schedule for the weekend and chat about what exactly we were doing at at what times. When I woke up on thursday I was feeling very ill, so I asked my group if we could do it on friday or later instead. In the evening I got a reply that they had already talked to an expert. On friday in our global perspective class, I met with Pam and Helena and asked them what time we were supposed to start filming. They then told me that they had already done the filming on wednesday. I got confused and asked them how come I didn't know about it? They then went in the group chat trying to find where they'd told the rest of the group but they then realized they had forgot to tell us about it. So there was definitely some miscommunication in our group that we should have avoided. It was bad for them cause they had to to the filming alone, but also for me since I didn't know about it. It could have easily been avoided if we all had been better at talking to eachother and been more clear. But we sorted it out for what we have to do next so we all now know the exact plan forward. 


  • 20.11.2017, 17:54

First day

The first day of our group project, our group had a meeting. We talked about what we wanted to have as our theme. We found out pretty quickly that we wanted to make something about social media. We wanted to focus mainly on instagram and the effect it can have on young users. We came up with some points we wanted to feature in our reportage.

After we had figured out what we wanted to make, we then assigned everyone different roles. Pam was going to do the research + filming, Helena was the director + filming, Tony was going to find and contact people we could interview and I got the editing. Assigning roles didn't mean that's the only thing we'll do in the project, we'll still help eachother with everything. It's just to make it easier to get things done when everyone has a clear view of what they're supposed to do. 

It'll be interesting to see how this turns out. Social media is a topic that most people will have some sort of opinion about, so either way I hope we get some good answers.